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Current Rating: 4.21

Current Rating: 4.21

based on 60 votes and 20 reviews

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  • 5 stars While I believe that the residential schools started with good intentions, to help bring in native peoples into the ever changing Canada. To educate them and create opportunities to communicate, to work, to grow - there is no doubt there were horror stories associated. Did every individual have a bad experience? Definitely not. Indian Horse will be an awakening for those on the fence of these issues, but for those who make statements calling it propaganda - they will see it as an outright lie. They will also tell you the Holocaust never happened, 9/11 was done by CIA, and that the moon landing was faked. The movie is fantastic. Low budget, but shot professionally, with a pretty good script. I enjoyed it from beginning to end.
  • 5 stars I have a informed appreciation for the efforts of truth and reconciliation and understand the need for First Nation people to tell their story. Their voices once silenced have awakened. It is now time for the rest of Canada to listen and hear. This movie was powerful and I consider it as sacred that First Nation People permitted us into their shared vulnerability. This was not just a movie but a testament of courage and strength in the face of cruelty and injustice
  • 4 stars Heart-wrenching! I had no idea that this was our Canadian history. I'm shocked and baffled at my own ignorance. I don't even know any First Nations people because of my own misconceptions and prejudice. :(
  • 5 stars The world shall see this movie. This is one story that is too hard to shake. Bring a friend oh and be prepared for one powerful movie! Stop the stigmatism.
  • 5 stars This is a tame down version of what happened I hear from talking to some survivors and survivors families. The cinematography is great and the story line stayed true to late Richard Wagamese's words. An excellent film portrayal of his book Indianhorse. This is a powerful and emotional story that you can't just shrug off! This did happen unfortunately to many of the First Nation people. No-one can discredit theses stories and if you have lived it you can't just "get over it"
  • 5 stars This is an incredible movie that tells a difficult but important piece of Canadian history. A must-see!
  • 1 stars A people that forever seek pity will be pitiful forever.
  • 5 stars very well made movie . A must see for everyone .
  • 2 stars Just ok more propaganda is this a reason for them to drink? Or get free government money? But still a good movie, went little to far with sexual abuse had to get into abuse from church like others are doing!
  • 5 stars I had know idea that Canada did this not so long ago. Why didn't I learn this from my parents???

Indian Horse

Genre:  Drama
Running Time:  100 min.
In theatres: April 13, 2018

Current rating: Rating: 4.21
based on 60 votes and 20 reviews
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Cast: Sladen Peltier, Forrest Goodluck, Ajuawak Kapashesit, Martin Donovan, Edna Manitowabi, Will Strongheart, Michiel Huisman